the elm city vineyard artist circle
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May Artist Circle

Collage by Jill Arthur

The Boat by Juliet Buesing

i've recently begun collecting
the skeletons of social butterflies,
an entomology of extroversion,
and so far,
findings have been slim.
people are very perplexing,
words are wearying,
and i am sure i missed
a boat,
or at least one of the steps on my google directions,
this is no era for an introvert,
if such a thing even exists.

By Tamara Fitzgerald


February Circle

by Tracie Cheng

By Martina Crouch

By Marilyn de Guehery

By Tracie Cheng

by Marilyn de Guehery

By Marilyn de Guehery


December Circle

by Tina Colon

by Marilyn de Guehery

by Tracie Cheng

By Manirah Agans

By Tracie Cheng

by Marilyn de Guehery

By Shin Maeng

by Tina Colon

by Shin Maeng


November Circle

words by Alysia Harris, composed & performed by Tina Colon

by Crystal Huang

from "Still" by Alysia Harris

by E. Marshman with inspiration from AG and Love146

She examined me like a burnt out bulb, but held me like a lantern. 'It's not your fault.'

Every new day in this place, they whisper love into my bruises.

My spine has become a staircase -- for words of light to climb like octaves.

Did you know heartbeats still live under my palms?

I found that out when she squeezed my hand so hard I could feel our pulses beat together.

And when his inky letters climb to the tops of buildings to shout only ugly through me-

her whispers carry echoes back on the wind. 'Beauty, beauty, you have always been beauty.'

by Crystal Huang & Marilyn de Guehery

Inspired By Beach Girl
by Manirah Agans

"I've been trying," he said.

Startled at the fluid voice,

I jerked my eyes up

passed my warm, gritty feet,

following up to the tip

of my shadow.

"Trying what?" I gasped,

not because he was a tree

talking, but trying.

But then I saw...

Roots dragging along behind

as he seemingly crawled


leaned forward

pulled forward toward the cast sea

the vast freedom I had...


"I'm sorry," I whispered.

Head lowered

Still guilty, I left him there,

One step,

one soft, seperate, step at a time.

by Shin Maeng

by Manirah Agans


Artist Circle: 10.3.11

By Michelle Ho

By Tracie Cheng

By Marilyn de Guehery

By Juliet Buesing with input from other hands in the circle

...and Chai Ice Cream, by Jesus


Songwriters Circle

This Sunday, 1/23/11
532 Norton Parkway

If you are in any way a worship leader or a songwriter, whether you have written a couple of lines or recorded an album, you are invited to come join together with other songwriters and potential songwriters after service this Sunday to share musical ideas and create songs for worship. At 7, we'll be gathering at 532 Norton (there will be guitar(s) and piano(s) available) as a songwriters circle, which will hopefully be a non-intimidating space to develop music that we could use for communal worship at ECV and elsewhere. Bring a song you have been working on and would be willing to share-- it doesn't matter how complete or incomplete it is, we can work on it. There may be cookies. :)